You are Entering a No Vest Zone

Based on the interaction I just had with this guy I am instituting a personal boycott of vest wearing unless I want to pretend that getting a Master’s in Teaching as soon as I finished my undergrad gives me a sense of superiority.


I look great today.  Everyone that sees me is in for a real treat.

Rewarding Mediocrity

If Gym Class Heroes can be on the radio there’s no reason to believe you couldn’t be. Seriously, this song is awful. And it’s on- all the time. A lot of people complain saying that pop-culture today is way below their high-brow tastes and seasoned intellect, but it’s like, hey, how hard could it be to make a hit song today? You just write about dancing, breaking up with people, and believing in yourself even if you’re overweight.


Between my girlfriend and I we can name 6 or 7 couples that have become engaged since Thanksgiving. And everyone makes such a big deal about it- it’s like, what’s the big deal? Anyone can do it! What were these people doing before they got engaged? Just sitting around waiting to get engaged? But I digress- my girlfriend summed it up the best…

“I feel like when someone gets engaged people respond like Buddy the Elf when he walks into that place that claims to have the world’s best cup of coffee. “CONGRATULATIONS!!! YOU DID IT!!! GREAT JOB EVERYONE!”

Don’t tell me what I can and cannot Microwave

So I bought a box- actually 2 boxes- of Ellio’s pizza.  And I know what you’re thinking, “are you 6?”  No.  But with a coupon I got 2 boxes for $0.98 cents.  Anyway, I was planning on microwaving all of them- 9 in a box..  Not all at once but over time.  But there were no directions on the back on how to go about microwaving them, but I cracked the code.  Three minutes.  Enjoy.

Have you ever

Have you ever blown out a candle and it gives off so much smoke that for a second you think you might have actually lit the room on fire?  And for a second you’re like- wow I can’t do anything right.  I go to put out a candle and I set a room on fire.  It’s the exact opposite of blowing out a candle.  But then you realize there’s no fire.  And the candles out.  So you can do something right after all.  It’s a good feeling.

Where are the benefits of the Recession?

In honor of Labor Day…

So the other day I was sitting in traffic, nothing new where I live, but I couldn’t help but realize, if the unemployment numbers are so high, where are all these unemployed people going during rush hour?

They’re not going to work. They’re not coming from work. They’re unemployed. Would they really pick rush hour to run their errands?

Then I get out of my car and into a store- and the lines are long. Who are all these unemployed people buying things?

Look, I want a robust economy as much as the next guy, but when it’s less than robust, why do we have to deal with the inconveniences of prosperity? We should be at least 9.2% less inconvenienced, based on unemployment data at the time of this writing. Who’s with me?!

Happy Labor Day.


Is my last day doing Shaun T’s Insanity- been putting off my workout long enough- late night working last night. ::yawwwwwwn:: One of these days I think I’m just going give this all up and retire on a tropical island, a wealthy and handsome billionaire…

Hope y’all are having a good weekend!