Low Carb Coupon’ing

A lot of people think it is impossible to diet and save money, well I bite my thumb at such sentiments.  Keep in mind I am a committed low carb’er.

Here’s my grocery bill yesterday between Coupon’ing and CostCo…

With Coupons…

20 Pouches of Starkist Tuna – Retail: $43.80 – PAID: $10.00

16 Bottles of Ken’s Salad Dressing – Retail: $67.04 – PAID: $8.00

10 Pounds of Italian Sausage and Bratwurst – Retail- $43.96 – PAID: $15.96

Retail: $154.80, PAID: $33.96


7.5 Dozen Eggs – PAID: $9.00

5 Pounds of Shredded Cheese – PAID: $6.00

Total: $15.00

Grand Total: $48.96

This doesn’t include the 10 pound bag of Perdue chicken I bought at CostCo last week for $19.99 and the 6.4 pounds of ground turkey for $6.40. Or their big bag of broccoli for $6.00 and their huge sour cream for $6.00.


Facebook Reflections

If Facebook timeline proves anything it’s that your pics get a lot less slutty when your relationship status goes from single to married. But mine won’t.