I Hate these People

Those that put their seats all the way back on a plane. It’s like, seriously chief? I know I look like a million bucks, but I’m hardly a millionaire. I’m barely a hundred-aire.

I don’t sit in first class. I can’t even afford to stand in it. The person in front of me can’t either. That’s why they’re here- sitting in cramped quarters, 30,000 feet in the air, waiting to be thrown peanuts.

They know what it do to their comfort level if they’re coach counterpart in front of them lounged out like the air-cabin was some beachfront cabana. It would destroy it. Why then do they feel it’s OK to encroach on other people’s territory, namely mine.

I was on a plane coming back from Florida this past weekend. I was leaning forward and the jack*** in front of me put their seat back as fast as we took off- it missed my head by an inch.

One time this guy put his chair all the way back so I crossed my legs. I don’t like crossing my legs, but I liked how it pushed up against the back of his seat. He turned around and gave me a look. But I didn’t budge- in fact, I repositioned myself to push up against his chair again.

“Do you mind,” he asks.

“What,” I asked.

“You’re pushing up against my chair.”

“I have my legs crossed. If you don’t like it- move your chair up.”

“I’m allowed to have my chair back.” Great- another American enforcing his God-given, made-up, in flight right.

“I’m allowed to have my legs crossed.” If he can have made-up rights, so can I.

“This is my space.”

“Your space is in my seat?!”

He turned around and moved his chair up. And everyone in our section saw me break him. It was the best part of my trip. Thank you for reading. You are now free to move about the cabin.


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