Tom the Blog is Under Construction

Hello, Tom the Blog is currently under construction- and you know what that means- real men, doing real manly things- lots of cranes, hard hats, high fives and Internet cat-calling. 

We’ve digitized the whistling, and once we get it up and running, and it is going to sound pristine whether it is being listened to via Dolby surround or your standard low-quality lap top speakers.

Even if you are normally offended by whistling as you strut yourself past a construction site, as I am (but I mean, deep down inside, what other reason did I have to wear these cut offs and muscle-T?)…

the whistling is going to sound so good that you’ll say, “is that the whistle of Jesus?”  But it’s not- it’s not the whistle of Jesus.  It’s just the Internet cat calling from the Tom the Blog construction site.

As this site nears 3,000 readers a day, we want to make sure we are putting our best foot forward.  There may even be a name change, “Modern Toms, in Modern Times,” but nothing is official yet.

Thank you for your patience.


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